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Maintenance Repair and Support Plan


For information concerning CISV orders, service, or support, we provide the following information:

Hill Country Computer, Inc. has provided this website as a value-added service. We hope that you feel free to use it in order to review our product listings. You may utilize the built-in shopping cart or contact us directly if you have any ordering or pricing questions. Please let us know what we may do to make your purchasing easier and your online experience friendlier.

Maintenance, Repair & Support Plan

We provide not only competitive prices, but also quality products and excellent services. If you have any questions concerning the operation of the equipment you purchased from us, please contact:

Contact Person: Michael Smith, webmaster@  hillcountrycomputer.com

Customer Service Manager, responsible for the company's customer service related calls questions, complaints, etc.

Direct telephone number: 972-633-0135

Customer Service Hours: 9:30am - 5:30pm CST, Monday - Friday

Statement of Guarantee: HCC guarantees that HCC will make available equivalent replacement parts for a product sold to the State until a least the third anniversary of the date the product is discontinued.

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Policy

Customer must package the products properly. HCC is NOT responsible for any damage to the products during transit by the shipping company. Damaged items are not eligible for warranty or money back guarantee. All electronic parts should be wrapped in anti-static plastic bags and shock-resistant bubble-wrap. There should be at least one inch of cushioning material such as peanuts between the item and the walls of the box.

We suggest that customers obtain a receipt for any packages shipped back to us. HCC is NOT responsible for any package lost during shipping.

The time it takes for us to send you the replacement products depends on several factors. (1) What kind of products. (2) What caused the defects? (3) How fast our vendor/manufacturer would send us the replacement. (4) Whether it's a repair or a replacement. (5) How long have you received the product?

For some categories of products, such as floppy drive, cables, accessories, a replacement of the same or equal item will normally be shipped to you within 1-7 business days after the defective item is received.

For items such as motherboards, video cards, and systems, the replacement/repaired unit will be shipped within 1-7 business days if you received the product within the last 30 days. For items that you have received for more than 30 days, the replacement/repair process may take up to one full month since we have often to wait for the vendors to complete the replacement/replacement work. In such situations, we would strongly encourage customers to contact the original manufacturer of the product for a direct replacement.

HCC is responsible for the cost of shipping the replaced item back to customers via UPS Ground. Customer will be responsible for upgrades to UPS Next-day air, 2nd-day air, or 3-day select. HCC does not offer cross-shipping.

To speed up receiving the replacement parts, customers may order the same item (part only) to replace a defective one and send the defective one back for credit if the defective item was purchased within 30 days AND the item is NOT system, CPU, or memory. Again, the normal shipping method is UPS Ground. Customer must pay for any shipping upgrades. Please do not use this procedure on systems, processors, or memory modules.

Notes: (1) No e-mail or phone call is necessary to return an item! (2) Read and follow the instructions on the return pages carefully. (3) HCC is not responsible for any damage to parts or injury to person or property as a result of using our products or as a result of a defective product. For instance, we are not responsible when a motherboard may be damaged due to a defective power supply. Your best recourse in such situations is to contact the manufacturer. (4) By placing an order with HCC, you indicate that you already read this return policy and agree with it. (5) HCC is a distributor. We cannot test all products. Although products are under warranty, you should consider having your products tested before shipping to avoid dead-on-arrival (DOA). (6) If you return a product as defective we will test it. If we find that it is not defective then a Restocking fee may be added. No restocking fee will be added if the product is defective.

Warranty Policy for HCC Purchases

Shipping Costs
Customer assumes all costs in shipping to us, and we assume the cost in shipping back to the customer. All replacement/repaired products are shipped UPS Ground unless a rush is requested. The cost of such a shipping upgrade is to be paid by the customer prior to shipment.

Warranty Procedure
We suggest you contact our tech support team first to determine whether the item is indeed defective before shipping.

30-Day Warranty
All OEM CPU's unless specifically stated otherwise, carry an implied, industry-standard 30-Day warranty against defects due to manufacturing or failure. Warranty does not include overclocking, use of CPU without cooling fan, improper voltage, or any use of the CPU that does not fall into the designed use of the CPU as intended by the manufacturer.

One-Year Warranty
All parts (except OEM CPUs, and refurbished items) come with a warranty against manufacturer defect or failure for a period of one year from the date of purchase. This warranty covers replacement or repair of the product, which is determined by availability, our vendor, and the time of purchase. Replacement is often used within 30 days after purchase with the same product or like product when direct replacement is unavailable. Repair is often necessary for items purchased more than 30 days ago. A longer waiting period is expected for repair and the customers are encouraged to contact the original manufacturers directly to shorten the waiting period.

Manufacturer Warranty
Manufacturers sometimes offer additional warranty for the following products: hard drives, retail boxed CPUs, and monitors. Customers should contact the manufacturer after warranty with HCC expires. Customers may also pay HCC a service fee ($25 per item) plus shipping to have such warranty work completed through HCC.

Lifetime Warranty
Lifetime warranty is given to all Kingston or Viking memory and cables. This warranty is for replacement of like items only. Lifetime warranty does not cover items out of production if HCC no longer stocks them. This warranty is valid only for the original buyer but not transferable. (Lifetime is defined as the lifetime of the product on the market. Outdated technology is not covered by lifetime warranty if the item is no longer available on the common market as a new product.)

Software Warranty
Software is not returnable or exchangeable once opened, or if the serial number or registration number has been removed. Opened software includes, but is not limited to, removing the shrink wrap from the software or opening the seal on the envelope.

All Other Warranty Coverage
Certain parts may come with extended Manufacturer's Warranty. The equipment manufacturer honors this warranty and HCC assumes no responsibility in honoring this warranty. HCC will attempt to RMA a product to the manufacturer in special cases when requested by the customer. Customer assumes all shipping costs to manufacturers.

Warranty Forfeiture
Warranty is not granted if a product is received without original invoice. Warranty is void if serial tags, receiving numbers, product stickers, or manufacturer seals have been removed, altered or tampered with. Warranty is void if mishandling, improper use, or defacing of the product that would normally void manufacturer's warranty has occurred. Products damaged due to improper or inadequate packaging when returned for RMA purposes are not granted warranty coverage.

Notes: (1) HCC is not responsible for any damage to other parts or personal or property injury as a result of using any of our products or as a result of defective products. For instance, we are not responsible for damages to a motherboard if or when a power supply is defective. You may contact the manufacturer for any recourse. (2) By placing an order with HCC, you indicate that you have read this policy and agree with it. (3) HCC is a distributor. There is no way for us to test all products before shipping. To avoid dead-on-arrival (DOA), you may consider having us test the product(s) before shipping.