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Hill Country Computer is one of a handful of integrators that offers real-time ordering, service and support online. And, because HCC features an unmatched degree of configuration options, you can put together a powerful solution that's uniquely tailored to each customer situation. It's just one more way we make it easy to do business with Hill Country Computer.

Design a system as unique as your requirements
When you work with Hill Country Computer, you can choose from a wide variety of brand name technologies to meet your customers' needs. And, you can choose from a wide range of products based on preference, price or specialty application. The benefit: You receive the exact system you require without paying for unwanted features or incurring expensive bench time rebuilding a preconfigured system.

No other build-to-order PC integrator puts all these features at your fingertips:

Product Availability & Pricing - You can do a thorough product search to check availability, current pricing and more. Search by key word, product number, description, manufacturer or product category.

Custom Quote Sheets - Configure the exact system you need. And when you're ready, simply convert the quote to an order.

Order Status, Account and Sales History - Get detailed information using your own search criteria or conduct quick inquires based on common request parameters - such as:
- Open orders and their status -- so you can see exactly what stage your order is in.
- Orders shipped within the last three days - and related tracking information
- Account and sales history - including outstanding invoices
- Status of RMAs
- Billing and shipping addresses, method of shipment, terms, pricing, and quantities

Serial Number Tracing - Hill Country Computer makes it easy way to access serial numbers you need when requesting parts or support. You can download the serial numbers for your customers' system configurations to populate your service management package or provide customers with a value added service for asset tracking.

RMA Requests 24x7 - Submit a request to your local Return Merchandise Department when it's convenient for you.

Support - A variety of downloads are available - including the latest drivers, product manuals and answers to frequently asked questions. Wherever you may be, information is always available when you need it.

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