Because satisfaction is the ultimate measure of quality, our products are engineered, tested and certified to exceed your expectations.

Hill Country Computer quality starts with a solid product line and flexible configurations that meet a comprehensive range of customer needs. Our build-to-order solutions are developed using the best components, the most advanced quality control processes, and a highly experienced technical staff.

Collaboration with industry leaders
Our systems are meticulously managed from design through the post-sales support process. Our engineers, as well as executive and product management teams, interface directly with our vendor partners before, during, and after equipment testing. Strong vendor relationships ensure that we have consistent availability, and as new product opportunities approach, allow us to share documented product roadmaps so that you can painlessly plan phased out products.

Compatibility testing
All featured system configurations are tested for compatibility issues in our test lab and go into production only after engineering approves them. Desktops and notebooks are Windows® Hardware Quality Lab tested and certified (look for the "Designed for Windows" logo). And, server products are rigorously tested to ensure availability and uptime for applications and data. These stringent steps ensure a consistently high quality out-of-box experience.

Communication for continuous quality management
Hill Country Computer incorporates feedback we receive from our customers and account managers to stay ahead of issues and emerging needs in the field. So be sure to give us your feedback!

The bottom line: you will have assurance that Hill Country Computer systems will perform at the highest levels right out of the box.

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