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Frequently Asked Questions
Upon use of Recovery CD, I am receiving an error message that reads: "manifest parse error: invalid at the top level of the document".

I am receiving an error in Microsoft Windows or need help with a Windows problem where do I go for help.

What is the black horizontal line on my monitor?

I have noticed that the Pentium® 4 processor-based systems have a different type of case and power supply, are these necessary? Can I use my existing case and power supply?

HELP!! My system is locking up

My system is giving me a beep code on boot. What does this code mean?

How do I know what kind of computer I should get?

I have an ADI or AcerView monitor, how do I call if I have a problem?

I purchased a “special order” item not normally carried or offered for sale by Hill Country Computer. Where do I get support for this component?

I have installed a new hard drive in an older system and it is only detecting 8 gigabytes of the drive.

How do I get my computer out of Standby mode?

What is Windows XP?

I need to reinstall Windows, but have lost my Windows 98 installation key. How can I find it?

The System has an Acer Extensa or TravelMate Notebook and is having problems. Where is the support info for these?

System has a MB1076-Asus SP97-V motherboard in it. The system keeps either losing or gaining time, and may not hold bios settings.

My computer is turning on by itself at night. I have a Gigabyte GA5AX motherboard and Windows 98 SE. What is the problem?

When powering up the system, the power supply comes on but there is no video, what should I check first?

I ordered a PC without an OS or I am reloading NT, and am having difficulty installing Windows NT on my system. It has an Ultra2 SCSI controller with LVD hard drive, and during install, NT says it can't locate a Hard Drive.

I have loaded NT on my PC but can not get my AGP video card driver to load. What is the problem?

I have a large IDE hard drive, but NT only sees 8Gig of the drive. What's wrong?

I have a Super Socket 7 motherboard and am loading Windows 95/98 and can't get the AGP video driver to work. It only comes up with 16 colors. What is the problem?

Why does the Windows 95 device manager report a conflict with a "PCI standard PCI-to-PCI Bridge" and the AGP video controller?

3COM 3C905B network card is not detected as new hardware in Windows 95. In Control Panel>System>Device Manager, NIC is listed with Yellow ! under NETWORK ADAPTERS.

I have a PCI modem. How do I install the modem so that NT 4.0 recognizes it properly?

I am troubleshooting a PC and removed the RAM. The motherboard didn't beep so the motherboard is bad, right?

I just got a new system, and it just beeps when I turn it on. What is the problem?

My PCI modem will not install, but I keep getting a PCI Serial Controller in Device Manager in Windows 95/98. What should I do?

I always was told that viruses could not damage my hardware. Now I am told that a virus has destroyed my BIOS. How can this happen?

I received a Asus Driver CD with my system order. What is this disc for? Will this CD restore or recover my operating system to its factory shipped condition?

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