Helping our customers:
  Receive the support
    you expect
  Receive the same quality and
    service as bigger companies
 – Be very competitive –
    and more profitable
  Single point of accountability


Administered by our in-house service organization:
 Hill Country Computer

About our Authorized Service Provider Network:
– 4,000+ technology
   service professionals
– Other resellers, familiar
   with Hill Country Computer product
– Signed non-compete
   (strictly enforced)

Your single point of accountability for nationwide support & service.
Offload operational or technical support issues you don't care to own!
– Domestic dispatch
– Multi-location installations
– Project assistance
– Multi-vendor
   break/fix support
– Maintenance
– Project Management
– Non-warranty service
– Project-based rollouts
– Staff augmentation

Benefits of working
with Hill Country Computer:

– Single point of accountability
– Coverage in every zip code
   in the continental U.S.
– Extend your market reach
– Generate additional
   billable revenue
– Deliver additional skills you
   don't have in-house
– First time problem
   resolution >90%,
   surpassing industry average
– You avoid managing multiple
   vendor relationships
– We help you retain customer
   account control

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Hill Country Computer offers a range of support services to help you keep your users PC infrastructure up and running - including depot and parts only warranties, and on-site plans.

Standard Warranty
All systems are shipped with a one-year depot warranty, which covers service at Hill Country Computer' facilities.


3 Year Depot
For additional peace of mind, upgrade the standard one-year warranty to a three-year depot warranty at a competitive price.

Get advance replacement of a failed component without the wait. We'll ship a part immediately, saving you time and money. Choose from one, two and three year options.

24-hour Express (notebooks only)
Hill Country Computer offers an amazing 24-hour express warranty for notebooks.

On-Site Warranties & Service Plans
Designed to put you in control, you choose whether to provide service (and be reimbursed by Hill Country Computer) or have us coordinate service on your behalf.

Prefer to have us handle problem resolution and service?
Select an Hill Country Computer On-Site Service Plan! We'll handle initial problem diagnosis, technician scheduling and resolution for you - all typically within 24 hours! Choose from one and three year options - or a combination of on-site & depot or cross-ship warranties

To view the full
warranty in Adobe
Acrobat Reader,
click on the
warranty below.
  Standard Depot Typical Desktops:
1 year (HCC0018)

All-in-One Systems:
1 year (HCC9005)
1 year (HCC9011) 1 year (HCC0018)
Upgrade Options
  Extended Depot Typical Desktops:
3 year (HCC0008)

All-in-One Systems:
3 year (HCC9006)
3 year (HCC9013) 3 year (MC9012)
  1 year (HCC9012)
3 year (HCC9014)
   Cross-ship 1 year (HCC9001)
2 year (HCC9002)
3 year (HCC9003)
  1 year (HCC9001)
2 year (HCC9002)
3 year (HCC9003)
Hill Country Computer On-Site Service Plans - Have an Authorized Service Provider deliver service for you
   1 & 3 year
   Service Net On-Site
   Service Plans
1 year (HCC9401)
3 year (HCC9403)
1 year (HCC9031)
3 year (HCC9033)
1 year (HCC9501)
3 year (HCC9503)
   Service Net
1 year on-site years 2 & 3 depot (HCC9305)

1 year on-site years 2 & 3 cross-ship parts (HCC9306)
  1 year on-site years 2 & 3 depot (HCC9307)

1 year on-site years 2 & 3 cross-ship parts (HCC9308)

Parts Warranty (HCC0000)
Applies to components normally carried and offered for sale by Hill Country Computer for a term of one year from the date of purchase. Non-stock, "special" or "custom" ordered parts and monitors, scanners, speaker sets, external drives and power protection devices are covered under their respective manufacturer's warranty.

CRT Warranty    LCD Warranty
All other monitors are covered under their respective manufacturer's warranty.